Case Studies

La Gioiosa purchased LinkIt to export tabular data from any application screen directly into excel spreadsheet


Kerakoll chose LinkIt and EasyPDF400 products for digital signature and printing solution.


VRTech ExcelIt is integrated with the Aman Computers Group applications and distributed as an OEM module. With ExcelIt, Aman users can export data to Excel spreadsheets with one click. Read more...
Chemipal implemented VRTech’s 
Spool2Officeto obtain the spool files in Excel format.


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Latest News

01/02/14 - Kesh Lloyd's insurance company has implemented EasyPDF400 for the PDF documents distribution directly from IBM i system.

01/01/14 - Mega retailer shopping network implemented ExcelIt for importing wholesaler transactions in Excel format into IBM i system.

01/12/13 - Neto purchased ExcelIt to export data from IBM i to Excel sheets and various text (ASCI) files.

01/11/13 - Industrial Buildings Corporation Ltd. (IBC) purchased LinkIt to integrate IBM i green screen with archive system WebNest (Kotev).

01/10/13 - Scania implemented Web2i to implement Web Service and integrate IBM i ERP system with various windows applications.

01/09/13 - Stratco purchased LinkIt to scan and retrieve documents directly from IBM i green screen.

01/08/13 - Zahavi Atzmon implemented EasyScan to scan delivery notes and catalog them automaticly using OCR recognition.

01/07/13 -Iskoor metals and steels implemented Fail-Safe to control CPU usage of the IBM i proccesses.

01/06/13 - ACE implemented EasyPDF400 to sign with digital signature IBM i outputs and send them by email.

01/05/13 - New version of ExcelIt was released. New version includes graphical interface for the task definitions.

01/04/13 - Iscar purchased Spool2Office to generate word designed documents from spool files

01/02/13 -Ashtrom purchased LinkIt to and EasyScan to scan and retrieve delevery notes directly from IBM i ERP application.

01/01/13 - Caniel Beverage industries purchased Vrtech solution, based on EasyPDF400 and Spool2Office to integrate IBM i system with electronic trading-network Nipendo(B2B) to transfer invoices to Strauss.

01/12/12 - Bat Yam municipality expanded the use of LinkIt to scan and retrieve supplies orders.

01/11/12 - General Federation of Labour in Israel expanded the use of LinkIt and installed it in all the branches to scan and retrieve members registration documents.

01/10/2012 - Camcor purchased ExcelIt for exporting and importing excel spreadsheets automaticly directly from the IBM i system.

01/05/2012- LA GIOIOSA purchased LinkIt to export data from AS/400 emulation screen without any code changes.

01/04/2012- Zoko enterprises (Caterpillar Israel) expanded use of EasyScan and implemented it in all it branches. Using EasyScan users scan invoices and waybills and catalog them automatically using OCR and bar-code technology.

01/03/2012 - Bat Yam municipality purchased LinkIt to scan, import from outlook and display all the documents at collection department of the municipality directly from AS/400 ERP system.

01/12/2011 - Bat Yam municipality integrated EasyPDF400 to send notices by email to the municipalities suppliers in PDF format directly from AS/400

01/08/2011 - Menora Insurance Company implemented EasyPDF400 to design and issue various documents from their AS/400 operating system

01/07/2011 - Shirbit Insurance Company integrated EasyPDF400 to issue and distribute mandatory car insurance certificates via email to agents and customers.

01/04/2011 -
Getter group implemented LinkIt and EasyScan as main archive system.

01/02/2011 -Autodepot purchased LinkIt to add document management skills to AS/400 legacy system.

01/01/2011 - ACE implemented EasyPassword tool to support SOX regulations requirements.

01/12/2010 - Jafora-Tabori implemented Vrtech i2Web product, to integrate its AS/400 applications with XI of SAP.

01/11/2010- Leumit Health Fund purchased Vrtech printing solution for remote users. This solution allows fast print of spool and PCL files.

01/10/2010- Aviv Corporation ,largest independent flower exporter in Israel,implementedEasyPDF400 andLinkIt, to produce invoices from AS/400 in PDF format and to send them directly to the customer. Using LinkIt users will be able to view these PDF invoices directly from the customer form in the AS/400 application.

01/07/2010 - Kerakoll ,international green building company, implemented EasyPDF400 and LinkIt , to produce transportation forms in PDF format including digital signature using sign pad.

05/05/2010 - Aminach purchased LinkIt to export different kinds of queries (sub files) to Excel designed spreadsheets.

05/04/2010Vitamed Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd purchased Spool2Nipendo module to integrate AS/400 legacy system with electronic trading-network Nipendo (B2B) to transfer data to Clalit Health Insurance.

07/01/2010Shlomo Insurance Company purchased EasyPDF400 (former Spool2PDF) to convert organization reports to PDF format and distribute them by email to clients.

31/12/2009 -Manpower purchased EasyPDF400 (former Spool2PDF) to produce salary slips in PDF format.

15/12/2009 - Bank Hapoalim Mortage Insurance Agency implemented ExcelIt for file transfers CyberArk to AS/400.

01/08/2009 - Caniel Beverage Packaging implemented MessageIt to automatically design the order forms and distribute them by email or fax.

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