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VRTech Company Profile

IBM i Archiving

VRTech was founded in 2006 by Yana Riahi and Haim Viner who shared a vision of bringing easy-to-use archiving capabilities to IBM midrange computers. Following its early successes, VRTech has built up an impressive line-up of ready-to-go solutions that add functionality to both the IBM i platform (AS/400, iSeries and System i) and also to IBM z / mainframes.


IBM i, PDF, Excel and Mainframes

These solutions solved a dilemma faced by both IT managers and company executives of how to get their midrange and mainframe computers to handle 21st century computing requirements such as scanning and archiving; importing and exporting information to and from today's accepted file types including email, PDF files, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets; and bringing information in real-time from Windows and web applications to legacy green screen systems.


Off-The-Shelf Products for IBM i and Mainframe

For VRTech, creating solutions doesn't mean just getting the information out or getting the data in; the concept that drives the company is enhancing the functionality and extending the lifetime of legacy systems, fast and simply and without having to worry about changing existing programs. This has led the company in its path of building off-the-shelf products that can be downloaded and set up by the customers. VRTech continues to develop its product range based on this philosophy. They bring Windows and web systems in contact with IBM i and mainframes thus giving organizations an alternative to investing much time and resources in their data integration projects.


VRTech Customers and Partners

As the testimonials elsewhere in this website show, VRTech enjoys a rich and long-term relationship with customers in a wide variety of industries, based on a culture of efficient and reliable products and dedicated personal support.

Today in 2016, VRTech is expanding into new geographical markets. We will be happy to hear from resellers who work with the IBM i or IBM mainframe sectors, who are interested in expanding their product range with proven, off-the-shelf software connectivity tools from an established and valued vendor.