• GS Emulation


Emulation Software for IBM i
(iSeries, AS/400)

GS Emulation

GS Emulation

  • Provides instant emulation on any modern device
  • Built-in SSL
  • Ability to limit user access to IP addresses
  • Built-in barcode reader support
  • Ultra-simple Enter key remapping
  • Fully mobile-responsive
  • Built in file transfer and macro support
  • Dynamic printer selection
  • Instantly customizable UI

How GS Emulation solves your IBM i emulation challenges

  • Massive saving in administration time and effort - no client installation!
  • Works for all modern devices and all operating systems
  • Built-in print-to-PDF, file transfer and macro capabilities
  • Rapid on-the-fly font and background color changes to suit outdoor conditions
  • Copy/paste support for right-to-left languages


GS Emulation How it Works

  • The maximum number of concurrent users is defined in advance
  • The emulation server is installed on one computer only - or two for redundancy
  • No installation on the end-point devices
  • Unlimited sessions from each device
  • On-demand use, up to the maximum number of concurrent users