• EasyOutput400


The ultimate IBM i data output product



  • Complete print formatting solution
  • Convert your IBM i data into trending formats: Fully formatted PDF, Excel and Word files and more
  • Not a line of coding required

IBM i Output Capabilities your Users will Love

  • Different fonts, colors and styles
  • Add bar-codes to packing slips, medical documents and other printed documents
  • Have reports and documents (invoice, PO, packing slip etc.) sent automatically via email
  • Automatic archiving of reports and data to safe and accessible locations
  • Password protected documents, digitally signed documents
  • Easy exit routine integration to add your own functionality


EasyOutput400 will Make your Data Look Cool

  • Management reports from your IBM i will look just as good as reports from web-based and Windows systems
  • Documents such as invoices, policies, patient records and the like can look great and can be digitally signed as well
  • Transform complex reports to Excel for analysis and personal processing


How it Works

  • EasyOutput400 is installed on your IBM i and on a window server
  • Make the appropriate definitions for existing reports in your system, use EasyOutput400 administrator on your PC to define new report format
  • Selected fields from reports and create a brand new PC-based output file
  • The EasyOutput400 API doesn’t need an existing report or program. It creates brand new PDF documents straight from physical files
  • Define the final destination of the output - archive, email and more
  • Start working with new up to date formatted outputs