• Linkit Integration


Ready-to-go integration software for IBM i
(iSeries, AS/400)

LinkIt Integration

Linkit Integration

  • Ready-to-go integration software
  • Seamlessly connects web and Windows-based applications with IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) and mainframes
  • Up and running in 1 hour
  • No coding, no complex integration methods

Examples of how Linkit Integration can help your IT

  • Pop up the appropriate window from a Windows application such as Microsoft Dynamics, while you are viewing or updating your IBM i or mainframe screen
  • Integrate your web-based CRM into IBM i IT systems without writing a single line of code
  • Integrate PC-based devices, such as signature pads, credit card readers and fingerprint readers with your legacy green screens


Linkit Integration for IBM i and Mainframe
How it Works

  • Install LinkIt Integration on a PC
  • Define the screens in your IT systems where you want the new functionality
  • Define the Windows or web-based application or device you want to integrate
  • Initiate the integration straight from your IT systems