• Linkit Archive


Scanning and Archiving Solutions for IBM i
(iSeries, AS/400)

LinkIt Archive

Linkit Archive

Total document management straight from legacy green screens:
  • Seamless linkage with IT systems
  • Scanning and automatic cataloging
  • Document retrieval and more
  • Archiving on IFS or network server
  • Up and running in 1 hour
  • No coding, no complex integration methods

Linkit Archive Solves your Scanning and Archiving Needs

  • Retrieve and display images, electronic documents, quotations and email messages that have been archived for a particular customer, supplier, product or other entity
  • Scan and archive printed documents in such a way that they become linked to an entity in your information system such as a part, employee, policy or account
  • Link existing files that are stored on the network, in your email client or on your PC, to the entity currently displayed on the green screen in your IBM i-based information system
Example: A customer has sent required documents for a loan to your email and you want to 'attach' them to the appropriate loan.


Linkit Archive for IBM i and Mainframe
How it Works

  • Install LinkIt Archive on a PC
  • Define the screens in your IT system where you want the new functionality
  • Define fields on the screen as indexes for capturing and retrieval
  • Start scanning and retrieving documents directly from your IT green screen